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We look forward to welcoming you to Lake Forest College for our camp on Saturday. You should have received an email earlier in the week with a significant amount of details. If you missed it, please click here: LF Football Camp Week Email #1

Additionally, it does look like we could have some inclement weather on Saturday. Our policies are as such- we will continue camp if it is raining outside. If lightning is within ten miles of the camp site according to either our WeatherSentry App, or the Thorguards in the area, we will leave the field immediately. Our requirements are to wait 30 minutes past the last lightning strike. If it is past 4pm when the lightning strikes, we will in all likelihood end camp, unless the radar indicates that it will move past us quickly. We will make all announcements via email and Twitter at both https://twitter.com/NorthShoreFAST and https://twitter.com/LFC_FOOTBALL 

If the lightning starts before camp, or before 3pm, we will transition to a modified camp schedule in the indoor facilities at the sports and recreation center. If this is the case, no spectators will be allowed in the building after 1:45pm due to space constraints and liability. We will cancel testing as part of the camp if we are required to be indoors during that time. 

EACH ATHLETE SHOULD BRING SNEAKERS as well as cleats to the camp. If we move indoors, we will be on surfaces that require rubber soled sneakers. 


We are thrilled to have a number of college coaches attending that can not wait to meet you, coach you, and evaluate you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us. 

Click on this link for the CAMPUS MAP for your convenience. Registration will take place in building 35, which will also serve as the indoor practice facility. Farwell field is indicated by #33 on the Map. There will be a concession stand with drinks, burgers, hot dogs, etc. at the field for your convenience. 

Best regards, 

North Shore Fast Camp 


Lake Forest College Head Football Coach Jim Catanzaro



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