The TCU Football Staff is looking forward to seeing you in the CARTER!

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You may request tickets starting Monday at 8 AM CST until Wednesday at 12 PM CST the week of the home game. 

This request does not guarantee TCU can accommodate all ticket requests. Tickets are selected by a lottery system. If you request tickets and DO NOT show up or contact us before Friday, you may be denied future ticket requests. 


A confirmation email (either approving or denying ticket requests) will be sent out THURSDAY AFTERNOON. The confirmation will go to the email you provide on the ticket request page. Please follow the instructions in your confirmation email that is sent out on THURSDAY AFTERNOON. If you DO NOT see an email, please check your spam/junk folder.  


Complimentary tickets will not be granted to individuals wearing clothing in support of the opposing team. Regardless of your high school colors or team logos (if you choose to wear them to the game), we will not give tickets to anyone in opposing team colors.   


Due to NCAA rules, TCU can only provide an athlete with a total of three tickets. One ticket for the recruit and two for the guests of the recruit. We also DO NOT PROVIDE PARKING. Please follow the instructions in the confirmation email for parking information on game day. 


Coaches’ availability both before and after the game is limited and not guaranteed.               

Questions: Please call our office (817) 257-7970


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