We would like to invite you to the Cal Poly Football Junior Day on April 29th. You have been identified as a top prospect by the Cal Poly Football coaches and we would love to have you attend and gain insight into Cal Poly and our football program.  Below is the information you will need to fill out to attend this event. Please submit your request by Noon on Wednesday April 26th.   The Mustangs will have a Spring Practice and Scrimmage as part of the Junior Day as well as a chance to interact with Cal Poly coaches. Practice will begin at 10:00 am Saturday morning. Submitting this link confirms you for the Junior Day event.



Cal Poly Football 

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Itinerary for this event will be emailed to the email submitted with this request on April 27th.


Parking: here is a link for parking on campus.      https://afd.calpoly.edu/parking/parkingoncampus/permits/general


Practice will he held in Alex Spanos Stadium, 




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