This introduction is a long time coming. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Mason Norman and I am the new head coach of the womens swimming and diving TEAM at OHIO University. It is a pleasure to be welcomed to such a storied program and athletic department. I am delighted to become part of the legacy that the swimming and diving program has created spanning many decades.  

I am arriving to Athens by way of the University of Kentucky where I spent the last five years as an assistant coach and associate head coach for the last year. My wife, Samantha, and I have one daughter, Emorie, who will be two in September. We both swam in college together at Wingate University in North Carolina where we met while in school.

My coaching philosophy focuses on the whole person of each student-athlete. My goal as a coach is to teach and demand growth in four areas of life as a college student athlete at OHIO: academic life, athletic life, social life, and spiritual life. If the members of this TEAM have grown in each of these areas during their time with the OHIO swimming and diving FAMILY, we have done our job.

The environment of the program is going to be one saturated with positive energy. Positive energy breeds love, love breeds success.

The communication among the staff and the TEAM will always be open and honest, just like a FAMILY.

Every single day we will have a put your hand on the wall first mentality as we raise the expectations and build a championship culture.

The program will always have a caring, players first culture, providing the student-athlete with what they need to have the best experience possible at OHIO.

As a TEAM, we will be disciplined, respectful, and give back through selfless service throughout each year.

I am excited to begin this amazing adventure at OHIO and look forward to all the experiences that I will have! I look forward to meeting each one of you personally if I am able.  My door is always open. Please feel free to contact me directly. I have provided my cell phone number and email below.

As this program moves forward, please understand there will be many changes, but there are many traditions that I would like to keep that make this program unique. We will begin to connect with the alumni group through this email service. I would love for each one of you to follow the program and social media accounts for the team and staff to gain more access into our story as a program.


#TheNewOU | #BleedGreen | #BeAllHere

Head Coach Mason Norman

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